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News Man Arrested for Asking Question

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    A meeting of neighbors in a local venue like this usually have rules that need to be followed. For him to be arrested, he most likely became unruly. They didn't say what he did or what the charge was. Understand, this is just a group of people in a community or even a small part of a community and has nothing to do with anything in the rest of the town, county, state, etc...

    He wasn't arrested for asking a question. The male host was being an idiot and making things up, while the female host at least was trying to be honest and explain the procedures and what he did wrong.

    Notice how the video was spliced? No telling how long this man was disrupting the meeting and how many times he had been asked to stop before the security guard had to get involved so that the meeting could continue.
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    The guy was completely out of order, he wouldn't shut up, he was preventing the meeting from proceeding, he refused to leave and he finally had to be removed.
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    This was probably his plan all along. The Fox news clip states this was a forum where questions were to be submitted ahead of time. Unfortunately security at public forums has become a necessity.
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    Don't voice any common sense rhetoric and you'll be just fine in the US. It's quite simple really.
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    Come on? Come off it. Faux News?

    Let's turn the tables. Suppose a Code Pink demonstrator raised havoc at an town hall "talk to your congress person" meeting. Do you really think Faux News is going to support her (non-existent) First Amendment rights? If the representative is a Democrat, you bet. What if he's a conservative Republican? Haul her off and say thanks to the police.

    Much to the chagrin of wackos from all extremes, people do not have the right to disrupt public meetings. It's called being a public nuisance. People in charge of those meetings can define the rules of conduct. There are constraints on what those in charge are allowed to do, but so long as they stay inside the lines drawn by multiple Supreme Court, rules that limit discourse are OK.

    One reason for asking for questions to be submitted in advance is to cut down on duplicates. If 40 people asked whether this core curriculum is going to dumb down the education system, do they really need to hear all 40 of those people, and answer the same question 40 times? To be fair to those 40 questioners, a good deal of time does need to be spent on this topic. To be fair to everyone else, it doesn't need to be done 40 times over.

    We don't know whether that happened because the Faux News video and the YouTube video only show the time leading up to this person being escorted off (and presumably arrested).
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