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Maple Maple question: defining functions as inverse Fourier transforms

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    I have a a Fourier transformed variable [itex]\hat{\eta}(k)[/itex] defined as the following:

    \hat{\eta}(k)=\frac{e^{-k^{2}}\tanh k}{kU^{2}+(-B+\Omega U+E_{b}|k|-k^{2})\tanh k}

    The parameters [itex]U,B,\Omega,E_{b}[/itex] have all been defined previously. I have naively tried the following:

    \eta :=\textrm{invfourier}(ETA,k,x)

    This doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?

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    First thing what is ETA?, you should write ##\hat{\eta}## in this place.
    Second, if you read the help in maple then you should add at the beginning of the code: " upload_2016-6-27_23-4-42.png "
    I assume there's no easy term for the inverse fourier transform of this expression, but you can get an implicit expression with integral by adding in the last place the syntax: "NO_INT".

    I also assume that you read already the help so I don't really no where you get it wrong, perhaps show us your code?

    BTW, I find mapleprimes.com as the best place for my questions regarding maple (I am not advertising it's just my experience).
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