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MATLAB Trying to compute Hilbert transform numerically

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    I know the result:
    [tex]\widehat{\mathscr{H}(f)}(k)=-i\sgn (k)\hat{f}(k)[/tex]

    I want to use this to compute the Hilbert transform. I have written code for Fourier transform,inverse Fourier transform and that the Hilbert transform. My code is the following:
    Code (Text):
    function y=ft(x,f,k)
    n=length(k); %See now long the wave vector is
    y=zeros(1,n); %Output is the same length
    for i=1:n
        v_1=exp(-sqrt(-1)*k(i)*x); %Compute exp(-ikx)
        v_2=f.*v_1; %Compute integrand of Fourier transform
        y(i)=-trapz(v_2,x); %Compute transform
    Code (Text):
    function y=ift(k,f_hat,x) %Inverse Fourier transform
    n=length(x); %Compute the length of the x
    y=zeros(1,n); %Solution has same length
    a=1/(2*pi); %scaling factor
    for i=1:n
    v_1=exp(sqrt(-1)*k*x(i)); %Compute exp(ikx)
    v_2=f_hat.*v_1; %Compute integrand of inverse Fourier transform
    y(i)=-a*trapz(v_2,k); %Compute transform
    Code (Text):
    function y=hilbert(x,f_x,z)

    %This takes numerical input (x,f(x)) and evaluates the Hilbert transform at
    k=-4:0.001:4; %Choose the range of the wave number
    f_x_hat=ft(x,f_x,k); %Compute Fourier transform
    dum=-sqrt(-1)*sign(k).*f_x_hat; %Multiply by -isgn(k)
    y=ift(k,dum,z); %Take inverse Fourier transform.
    My solution has LOTS of oscillations to it and I have no idea what is going on.

    Any suggestions?

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