March 14th! Happy Pi Day!


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We have some clever young engineers here at work. Our project group received this e-mail just before 2PM from three of them:

3.14 1:59. Pie & Ice cream in the Pantry by the printer. Enjoy.
I guess that next year's party will be in the morning at 3/14/15 9:26:53?

I really need to put that on my calendar.
Are there any moronic groups out there predicting some earth-destroying, human-kind-wiping catastrophes for those dates? If there aren't any, I'd like to start one.

That's the date when the solar solar system becomes a perfect circle and the gravity does some scientific nonsense and the universe implodes.

And if nothing happens, I can just say I was mistaken, and that it actually happens on 3/14/159.


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And if nothing happens, I can just say I was mistaken, and that it actually happens on 3/14/159.
Isn't Pi Day on April 31 (31/4) in Europe?

Oh wait, there's no April 31. :uhh:
We have the pi month and its the only one in the century.
- Enigman
(Date: 15th pi)
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Then that is what we should use to spread the news about the calamity that will fall on us next year on pi day! As simple as that! We start with something that says that there's impending forecast that day where it will be overcast, with a chance of pi in the sky.

It falls on 21st pi.
I did noticed that he always finished his piece of French silk pie, however.
They have a peanut butter chocolate pie that tastes so good I would give up eating peanut butter chocolate pie forever just to eat peanut butter chocolate pie for the rest of my life.
That is not even in the same state!

The one that I went to about 3 weeks ago, I can assure you, is open for business and thriving.
You mean Iowa street and Iowa city aren't the same thing?

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