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Markov blanket

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    Is there a simple (meaning, memorable and not just a lot of crunching through probability formulas) proof that a variable is independent of the other variables in the network, given its Markov blanket?
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    Were you able to get this yet?

    Is "a variable", node A in the Markov blanket? And "the other variables in the network" any node that does not belong to the blanket?

    If so, then define independant?
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    --No, I have not yet found this out

    --A variable is a node in the Bayesian network, together with its conditional probability table

    --"Independent" is used in the standard statistical sense
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    If you get it, let me know. I'd be interested to hear. I'm sure I'll realise it in due time, and get back to you if you don't to me first.
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