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Mass on a leash and carbon nanotubes

  1. Sep 2, 2012 #1
    I've been trying to describe small oscillations of a mass (1000kg) on a leash - like a space elevator, just without the actual elevator. I have no difficulties calulating the oscillations, but what confuses me is realization of such device. I've been looking into properties of caron nanotubes for some time now and i just don't understand how this device could be built. Thickest multiwall carbon nanotubes have diameter around 100nm, tensile strength around 100GPa (numbers vary a lot, I used 50GPa) and young's modulus at most 1000GPa. According to my calculation, we needed more than 1000 such cabels to build this.
    I also have hard time imagining how 10^5 km long and 100nm thick cabel would look like.

    I need a reliable source of carbon nanotube properties, so I would really appreciate, if you helped me with this (researches, articles, books, i don't consider wiki to be reliable). It's homework and I'm not sure what truly is reliable and good source of information for such paper (professor will certainly check sources). Are free online books (epub,...) considered good sources? I also found quite a lot of articles on nanotubes, but mostly they are old or payable.
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