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Massive fireball reported across Midwestern sky

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    I tell ya, this reminds me of the movie Armageddon :uhh:
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    Nice one. And a large one.

    That reminded me I have seen quite large meteorite in early nineties over Poland, but it was much earlier in the day (IIRC around 7-8 p.m. in the summer, even before sunset) so not that spectacular.
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    I saw a thing like this when I was 10 or 11 years old. It was traveling south to north over southern N.H. where I lived. I was out playing with a bunch of friends and they all saw it as well.

    It was close enough to see the flames. It was burning like a massive blob of old tires, and the smoke trail was very black and dirty. I have no idea how big or far away it was, but it was visible for a fair amount of time. There was no sonic boom.

    This midwestern one sounds quite a bit larger and faster than the one I saw.
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    I was in Tunguska this one time, and the next thing I knew... well... :rofl:

    Actually, This is by far the most impressive I've seen, and the detonation when it broke makes me think "iron rich" so the plume must have been HUGE. Nothing like metal burning into a trail of plasma! :biggrin:

    If it were Iron-Nickel it would also explain why it made it so far into the atmosphere, and proximity would make it more spectacular. Then agian, maybe it was just really BIG, and the shattering effect was it just starting to really get into the lower atmosphere.
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    There was an interview on NPR last evening with a "space rocks" expert from NASA who estimated that it was a meteoroid with a diameter of about a meter when it entered the atmosphere. She also mentioned that it would likely have showered some dust/debris over Wisconsin.
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    That would have been so cool to see that. I might have seen a meteor fall, but it was odd. I was driving at night, and suddenly there was a bright red dot about the size of a #2 pencil lead high in the sky and it just fell straight down out of the sky, I lost sight of it when a hill in the distance blocked the view. Never seen anything like it.
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    Did it seem to be moving very slowly, then (appeared) to rapidly accelerate, and then went past the horizon/hill? That's the classic perception of a "shooting star" aka Meteor. If it had a constant and steady motion, it was probably something else.
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