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Masters Dissertation Topic Needed (Metal Additive Manufacturing?)

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    I've recently started a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. I've never taken on a research project before and I've been recommended to look into the area of Metal Additive Manufacturing as it's an area that's quickly developing.

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a topic/title that I could use for dissertation in this area? The reason why I am asking is because the deadline is fastly approaching and I've numerous other assignments due also. I know my college has normal 3D prototyping machines but not the expensive kind.

    I understand that one of the main challenges with the technology is understanding the long term behaviour of materials/components made from MAM.

    Any advice would be grately appreciated.
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    I cannot offer any advice on choosing a topic or title for your dissertation. I can offer, however, a few websites for your perusal. You may discover some aspect of Metal Additive Manufacturing that interests you enough to do a research project on that. Long-term behaviors are critical in some applications, as NASA would not want some part to disintegrate or degrade in the vacuum of space.

    http://www.optomec.com/Additive-Manufacturing-Technology/Laser-Additive-Manufacturing [Broken]
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    Shouldn't this be a question for you advisor?
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    @Bobbywhy: Many thanks for the helpful links

    @Boneh3ad: I've been recommended by my supervisor to go off and try identify a research topic myself within the field with the correct scope for a one year masters project.

    I might end up taking a project in another area because I'm really not all that fussy what area I do it in, I'm more concerned about just picking one I can actually finish and won't be a nightmare for me all year long! I will continue to research into this area anyway for the time being.
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