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Homework Help: Materials Science - Derivation of Kapustinskii equation

  1. Mar 7, 2012 #1
    1. The equilibrium bond length r0 in ion components (or salts) can always be obtained from the tabulated values of cationic, r+, and anionic radii, r-, respectively as
    r0=r+ + r-

    Show how on this basis, and that above (refering to the first part of the problem where i was to verify that the magdelung constants divided by the number of ions in one formula unit is constant(A/v)), the Born-Lande and Borne-Mayer equations become the Kapustinskii equations.

    2. Borne-Lande equation

    Borne-Mayer Equation


    3. When carrying out the first part of the equation i obtained an average (A/v) value of 0.839 and i can easily derive the actual Borne equations but no matter what i try i cant get a decent answer for the derivation of the Kapustinskii equation

    Any assistance would be of great appreciation.
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