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Math Math degree

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    So I am transferring to a university within a year, and I don't know which math major to choose. It is either Math/Applied Sciences or Applied Mathematics. What I want to do with my major is go into medical research, but I also want to go to grad. school and get my masters (I can not go to grad school with a math/applied science degree). Which major is better off for me in the long run? Can I Still get into medical research with an Applied Mathematics degree? Should I minor in Biology instead of just going for a math/applied science degree?

    http://math.ucsd.edu/programs/undergraduate/ba_math_applied_science.php [Broken]

    http://math.ucsd.edu/programs/undergraduate/ba_applied_mathematics.php [Broken]
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    "Medical research" is a broad term, but "Applied mathematics" doesn't seem very compatible with almost every aspect of Medical research I've ever heard of. You're going to need some kind of chemistry, biology, or engineering background to get into medical research.
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    look into bioinformatics or computational biology
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