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Math problem in Huygens-Fresnel principle

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    in Huygens-Fresnel principle, U(P)=K*∫∫U(Q)*F(θ0,θ0)*exp{ikr}/r*d∑
    K=-i/λ; F(θ0,θ0)=0.5(cosθ0+cosθ) is inclination factor; d∑ is a small part of any close surfaces; these are all include in any Beam Optics book

    I want to demonstrate the spherical wave point source S gives out, all the d∑ in the spherical surface as Secondary Source, whose light come to point P, equals to S only

    I don't know how to integrate,coz it seems to hard to me.
    Please show the process. Any book involves is available too.Thanks

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    I'm so confused that no one could give me any answer...Is it because I didn't get the idea through? Please let me know...thx
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    I can't understand the formula U(P)=K*∫∫U(Q)*F(θ0,θ0)*exp{ikr}/r*d∑.
    Can you express it more clearly?
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