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Mathematics for research in physics

  1. Oct 12, 2015 #1
    Mathematics is the language of Nature. The more advanced topics we study , the more involving is the maths. To understand physics, I think i need to develop a strong mathematical intuition and learn to appreciate the beauty of maths. Can anyone suggest a good flowchart of topics so that my mathematical base gets strong and also the study is pointed towards physics research.??
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    't Hooft started this page (for theoretical physicists). My advice (as an experimentalist): pick up as much as you can
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    First off you need to establish what your research interests are. Many different areas of physics require very different areas of mathematics. So assuming you are still deciding between experimental and theoretical physics, then just get a firm grasp of statistics, programming, and as much LA and Diffy Q's as you can handle. If you can arrow down your research interests more and let us know we can be much more specific in what to recommend. ie; Algebraic Geometry for String theory, Diffriential geometry for relativistic and cosmological research. Ect, ect.
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