Aerospace Mathematics involved in aerospace engineering?

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    I am wondering what mathematics are involved in aerospace engineering.

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  3. A whole lot of it. Really, it's a long list of various mathematics.

    You will have to have a firm grasp of differential equations (ODE and PDE), multivariable calculus, trigonometry, geometry, tranforms, vector space, and a slew of others.
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    I'm a fan of math so the more math there is the better
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    It also depends on what area of aerospace you go into. You may also find yourself venturing into perturbation methods, topology, numerical analysis, complex analysis and various other areas.
  6. Travis pretty much covered it all.

    Depending on the program, you may take all of your math by the time you are a junior in college.

    Me for example, I went to Purdue University and I finished my last official math course at the end of my first semester as a Junior (Differential Equations 2). After that you begin applying it, although I would estimate that I only applied about 20 -30% of the math I learned in my later courses.
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