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Mathematics software

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    I was wondering if there are any good open source programs which are comparable with Maple. Ive been searching on the net for several hours, but my search criteria seems to be off, because I get no relevant matches.

    This question also applies to physics programs, are there any open source modeling programs in this field?

    I very much appreciate answers :)..
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    For Maple-like programs, search for computer algebra software... you should turn up several hits. I have tried Maxima, and I believe there's a project to bind a whole bunch of languages together (SAGE).

    In terms of physics I have never heard of a unified set of programs (but someone please prove me ignorant). Physics is so diverse that people usually write their own using Fortran/SciPy/Octave/etc. Having said that there are teaching applets for basic physics available... try searching for "physics applets".
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