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Homework Help: Maths - variation assignment

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    URGENT maths - variation assignment

    HEy gotta make a poster and contain at least 3 'real' examples of variation. Direct, inverse, joint, part variation should be featured.
    for each example show
    -the type of variation,
    - an explantion of that particular type of variation, and the characteristic features,
    - how we can tell that we have that type of variation,
    - the variables which are related to each other, expressed mathematically

    [some ideas are road toll, smoking, geometrical relationships, biological relationships, chemical relationships, physics relationships, literacy rates, drug and alcohol spending, football memberships, etc.]

    ive tried looking for them examples and others but not reli gettin anywhere...

    anyone got any ideas?
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    Are you familiar with the concept of a parameter varying directly or inversely compared to its input?
    Here is one reference that may give you some ideas about 3 of the variations you mentioned.
    ---> http://old.hsu.edu/faculty/lloydm/classes/gchandouts/variation_handout.htm [Broken]
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    yeah thats kinda good thannks ouchie
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