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Mathtype opening wrong equation

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    Using XP and MathType 5.2 in Wordperfect 12. All was working well until Mathtype continued to open an old equation irrespective of the equation clicked. Copying the equation to a new document, clearing (XP) clipboard, restarting WP, restarting the computer, trying to open each of a number of different equations, all produced the same result. It seems that MathType has fixed on a particular OLE and aint gonna let it go. Any ideas please?

    (Incidentally, and independently of this problem, I have tried MathType 6.5 with WordPrefect X4 but found no significant difference from 5.2 with WP12)
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    Going off of the information you've given, could it be that you're copying an equation from one place in the document to another, instead of opening the MathType window each time? These steps will consistently give you best results: Open MathType, create the equation, close the MathType window. For the "Open MT" step, you can either go through the Insert > Object dialog, or click the Equation command on the Insert menu, or customize your toolbar to put a button on it to click.

    BTW, Design Science (makers of MathType) has a full-time tech support department. Why not give them a chance to help? Send email to support at dessci dot com.
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