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Homework Help: Matrix Problem with to manny variables :s

  1. Apr 3, 2012 #1
    The relationship between the quantity (in thousands of tons) of three types of ore which is mined on a certain day at a mine, is given by the following system of equations:
    r + s + t =12
    2r -s +3t = 18
    6r - 3s +t= 6
    Determine the quantity of each type of ore which is mined using the INVERSE of the coefficient matrix.

    Now I tried with Cramers rule but didnt really amount to much.I know how to get the Inverse but how do I work it out if I have it?

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    Convert the set of equations into a matrix format, M x vertical column of {r, s, t} = vertical column of {12, 18, 6}, then {r, s, t} = M-1 x {12, 18, 6}, where M1 is the inverse matrix.
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