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Matter - Antimatter interactions

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    Just curious.

    I know that antiproton will annihilate with a proton, but is that the only baryon which will react with a proton in such a way. Specifically, do the specific constituent quarks annihilate with their antimatter counterpart or do they only annihilate in the proper 2 and 3 quark combination. For example, if you brought an anti-Sigma(+) {uus} in contact with a proton {uud} will the u - u combinations annihilate and leave a neutral kaon {ds} and a couple gammas?

    Or does confinement prevent such a thing from happening?

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    Meir Achuz

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    Yes, the antiSigma and the proton would annihilate into a k and several pions. The general rule is that anything that can happen, will happen.
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