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Mavromatos-cos. const. + time direction

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    Mavromatos---cos. const. + time direction


    this is paper with some strange ideas
    and Nick Mavromatos is major league
    so I think I ought to pay attention despite
    or because the oddity

    Dark Energy in the Universe, the Irreversibility of Time and Neutrinos
    N. E. Mavromatos (King's College London)
    13 pages revtex, four figures incorporated; plenary talk at DICE2004 international conference, September 1-4 2004

    "In this review, I discuss briefly how the presence of a cosmological constant in the Universe may imply a decoherent evolution of quantum matter in it, and as a consequence a fundamental irreversibility of time unrelated in principle to CP properties (Cosmological CPT Violation).In this context, I also discuss recently suggested novel possible contributions of massive neutrinos to the cosmological constant, which are not due to the standard loop expansion in quantum field theory, but rather due to unconventional properties of (some version of) the quantum theory underlying flavour mixing. It is also argued that quantum space time foam may be responsible for the neutrino mass differences, observed today, and through the above considerations, for the (majority of the) dark energy of the Universe in the present era. In the above context, I also present a fit of all the currently available neutrino oscillation data, including the LSND "anomalous'' experimental results, based on such a CPT Violating decoherent neutrino model. The key feature is to use different decoherent parameters between neutrinos and antineutrinos, due to the above mentioned CPT violation. This points to the necessity of future experiments, concentrating on the antineutrino sector, in order to falsify the model."

    Notice that decoherence is heresy and may be a smart heresy
    judging by what Edgar1813 had to say here at PF
    about nonunitary time evolution with realistic clocks and
    Gambini Porto Pullin recent findings.

    you may say that Nick Mavromatos has nothing to do with Gambini et al and his idea is about neutrinos and their idea is about gravity. well, when someone like him says
    the presence of a cosmological constant in the Universe may imply a decoherent evolution of quantum matter in it,
    I will try to pay at least a little attention.
    Lots of crazy sounding ideas are wrong, but some might not be.
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