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Mawell equations with monopoles

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    Hi all,

    Suppose magnetic monopoles exist, how would the maxwell equations be solved?
    Because the divergence of B is no longer zero, we can not use the vector potential, can we? Do you just solve for the electric and manetic field for electric charges and magnetic charges seperately and then add them together to get the total fields? How would one approach this?

    I guess the answer would be:
    E= electric field generated by magnetic charge + electric field generated by electric charge
    B= magnetic field generated by electric charge + magnetic field generated by magnetic charge.
    This would then be a more general solution. You can still get the old fields by setting the magnetic charge equal to zero.
    I would like to do this a an exercise for myself, except Idont know where to begin.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks very much.
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    I am referring tot point charges.
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    I remember seeing something similar to these "extended Maxwell's equations" in Halliday & Resnick's "Fundamentals of Physics" when I was a college freshman many years ago. Probably the only difference was in the units (SI versus cgs).
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    Oh thans you, but im interested in solving them tot get the Electric and magnetic field in terms of q(e) and q(m) and position, velocity and acceleration. I guess for each field you het two terms: because now both electric charge and magnetic charge create electric field and magnetic field.
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