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Homework Help: Maximize crude oil chain weekly profit

  1. May 19, 2015 #1


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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution
    I sort of want to make this into a linear program problem, but I think that it should be solvable without it, since I never learned about it in this particular course.

    I will just work with Fuel Process 1 as an example, and I can do the other processes if I get this one correct to figure out the most profitable process.

    The profit, ##P##, can be determined,

    $$P = (0.6)(45)G + (0.2)(30)H + (0.1)(15)J + (0.0)(60)L - (0.1)(15)O - (15)C - (5)C $$

    The demand constraints,
    $$ \begin{bmatrix} G \\ H \\ J \\ L \end{bmatrix} \le \begin{bmatrix} 170 \\ 85 \\ 85 \\20 \end{bmatrix} $$
    ##C = 100##
    ##G + H + J + L + O = C##

    Am I going in the right direction for this one? Feels like I may be double counting the operating losses with the cost of the crude oil twice.
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    Not much response so far, let me give some comments:

    I think you are double-counting: the O loss is in the C cost (it looks as if disposal doesn't cost anything) .

    You use C = 100 as a constraint. It isn't clear to me if C ##\le## 100 is also possible; perhaps not, in which case you have a discrete problem on your hands.
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