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Maximum Oscillation Amplitude?

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    An ultrasonic transducer, of the type used in medical ultrasound imaging, is a very thin disk (m = 0.12 g) driven back and forth in SHM at 0.9 MHz by an electromagnetic coil.
    (a) The maximum restoring force that can be applied to the disk without breaking it is 36,000 Newtons. What is the maximum oscillation amplitude that won't rupture the disk?
    (in ┬Ám)

    (b) What is the disk's maximum speed at this amplitude?
    (in m/s)

    For position, I would guess to use x = Acos(omega*t)
    I cannot tie the proper equations together, though. Help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    You know mass and force. What quantity is determined by their ratio?

    You wrote correctly the time dependence of position in SHM. What about velocity and acceleration?

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