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Maximum pointed devertive

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    the question
    given data: at point(1,2,-1) the maximum pointed devertive of f is
    at direcation
    x=0 y=0 z=1
    and its value is 32
    so what are they A,B ,C?

    the only thing i know that since the func is differncial
    32=(0,0,1)*grad f
    and from here we get

    but how do we get 2 more equation?
    i dunno how to use the data that this is the max pointed devertive
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    Remember that the gradient must be parallell to the direction of maximal "pointed" derivative!
    The gradient is therefore:
    Hence, you get 3 equations with 3 unknowns, one equation for each component.
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    thank u
    how did u do the formula? (with the grad symbol)
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    He used \nabla in a "tex" formula.

    Click on any "tex" formula and you will see the code used.
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