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Maximum voltage and current values for building a DC motor

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    Hello, I am building a large DC motor for a Go-kart.

    I have a question: How would I know how much voltage and current (the maximum values I can use) I need to make the DC motor work and spin?

    I'm guessing the armature size and the winded wire's length depends on how much voltage and current you introduce into the motor so I want to get the sizes and lengths according to the voltage and current I will use.

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    DC motors and/or DC motor build plans generally have specifications that include maximum power, maximum torque, voltage range, current range, rpm range, and a kv rating (unloaded 1000 rpms per volt). You may want to use the motors used on existing electric powered go-karts as a guide.
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    Thank you for your reply! I will check the specifications of some motors that are similar to the one i'm making.
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