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Homework Help: Maximum work delivered by a turbine

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    Hi everyone :
    I have a question: how to calculate the maximum work delivered by a turbine. Steam input T and pressure are given plus the outlet pressure only. Using Peng-Robinson equation of state. Adiabatic process.

    I tried to find outlet temperature by trial and error using Peng-Robinson EOS until delta S (S2-S1)=0, (S is entropy) . but delta S never approached 0 . its final value was around 21 j/mole.K . I used it though to calculate delta H (H2-H1) because delta H = work . (H is the enthalpy)... but the answer was wrong very wrong >> I used MATLAB for my calculations . I'm sure of the equations and everything . So is there another way to calculate the work?
    and any one knows why delta S didn't even approach 0 !!

    Thanks in advance :) ..
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    Show us what you did to find the conditions at which ΔS=0.

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