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Maxwell 2d (ANSYS): Bldc motor simulation

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    Hi all
    I have few questions in bldc motor simulation in maxwell 2d:

    - I need help in loss calculation,I exported a bldc motor in rmxprt to maxwell 2d after entering core properties and w/kg data in 50hz,in 2d checked stator and rotor in set core loss and checked (consider core loss effect on field) in advanced for improving solution accuracy, after all simulation results 121.6w core loss (11.74w in rmxprt) and 12w StrandedLoss (36.2w in rmxprt).
    with disabling (consider core loss effect on field) core loss change to 10.5w and StrandedLoss to 10.7w.
    with changing coil cross section to N*Dcon^2 and N*pi*Dcon^2/4 (with same way as exporting do) StrandedLoss change to 17.7w and 22.8w but core loss change to 39.1w and 38.3w (without checking consider ...)bldc
    so what may be wrong?

    - with what formula coil cross section is made when coils and stator have same information?(why slot fill factor in rmxprt and maxwell 2d is not matched together?)

    - moment of inertia in motion setup is the same as (estimated rotor moment of inertia) in rmxprt but with calculating moment of inertia for rotor and magnets in 3d with setting surrounding cylinder to different moment of inertia can be reach.

    - I use meshing that provided with exporting,how can find simulation results near to practical Results?
    - my simulation takes too long time to be stable,is it possibble to decrease minimum time step or time step without loosing precision?

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    Thanks Greg,but I didn't mean maxwell render,my problems in Ansys Maxwell (or ansoft maxwell previously) software that used in electromagnetic analysis
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