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Help needed in simulating 3-phase transformer in ANSOFT MAXWELL 2D

  1. Feb 7, 2013 #1
    I am designing a 2D model of a three-phase core-type transformer in ANSOFT MAXWELL 14.0. While doing so I have encountered a strange problem.

    Start of the problem:-

    While designing the transformer, I wanted to incorporate core losses. So, I did the following steps:-

    Excitations -> Set Eddy Effects -> checked the various core sections in my model (because eddy current effects occur in the transformer core)

    and also

    Excitations -> Set Core Loss - > checked the various core sections in my model (because core loss effects occur in the transformer core)

    Symptoms :-

    Model simulated (using transient solution type) and then gives the following wrong results:

    1) Line currents on the primary side (star-connected) are very high (about 10 times)

    2) Secondary side (delta connected) phase currents lose their phase dependence, i.e. the phase currents are no more 120 degrees apart, they all are in phase now. However, the secondary line currents are Ok though.

    Additional Information :-

    If I do not consider eddy current and core loss effects, then the model simulates to give correct results.

    Please provide me suggestions/hints/solutions to my problem - how to incorporate core losses correctly in my model.
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  3. Oct 29, 2013 #2
    What material are you taking? For core loss you need to know P(B) curves for different frequencies, or coefficients Kh, Ke, Kc, Kdc.
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