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Measure bolt loads in an experiment

  1. Mar 1, 2013 #1
    I'd like to measure the tension and shear forces on several bolted fasteners during a static test.

    I've looked at these and similar products: http://www.innovationplus.com/index.php

    ...but it is my understanding that these are only good for clamping force (aka tension force).

    Anybody have any experience with measuring tension AND shear in a bolted joint during a test?
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    What sort of bolted joint are you using where shear is even a concern? If it's untraditional, give a diagram and maybe someone can help you sneak a strain gauge in there.
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    I'm not worried about the bolts failing in shear, it's an interface loads study and I need to know what loads go into the structure.

    I'm using traditional fasteners. I like the strain gage idea, but I'm unsure where to place the gages.

    I'm hoping that someone it familiar with a commercial option I can just use in place of my fasteners to get my experimental loads.
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