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Measurement of material displacement using recorded material thermal data

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    Hello all

    I am trying to measure material displacement using measured thermal data.7

    While the specimen is heated up, I want to measure how much it changes its length at particular points.

    Is this possible?

    If you have any further questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to let me know

    Thanks in advance

    Programmer UK
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    Sounds like you want to attach strain gages to the specimen. Be careful that the gages themselves don't affect the measurement - it can be very tricky to account for this.

    Alternatively, you could perform a dilatometric measurement. There are commercial devices allowing for the measurement of thermal expansion.

    Lastly, IR cameras might be useful if the resolution is sufficient for your needs.
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    Either use a dilatometer (with very low thermal expansion, e.g., ceramic) or calibrated visual system or both. It really depends on the temperature range.

    One needs special eqipment for specimens that are incandescent.

    Laser based dilatometers and micrometers maybe used.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I am actaully trying to measure it using a thermal camera, but I will get the change in temperature from this not the change in displacement.

    I was also thinking of performing a dilatometric measurement but I thought I would get this information using a thermal camera only.

    Is there a way I can get the thermal expansion from the material using the thermal camera and calculating the final displacement value?

    Thanks in advace

    Programmer UK
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