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Measurement of the Speed of sound

  1. Aug 30, 2012 #1
    I have a material related question. I am working with polymeric materials (Poly carbonate's and PMMA's respectively) which have to be tested for impact resistance (at high velocities). It came to my mind if the impact process could be correlated to a sound based measurement. Now i want to know whether there is a possibility or an equipment which could actually simulate an impact behavior (very high velocities) using such an equipment.
    Thank you
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    Ismav123, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    When a high velocity (projectile?) object impacts the polymeric material and penetrates is the emitted sound different from an impact which resists penetration?

    If the sounds of the different scenarios were recorded their “acoustic signatures” would likely be distinctly different and could be correlated with each experiment.

    One might then, for example, determine the impact resistance experimental results from the acoustic signature alone without visual observation.

    But as for simulation, I cannot imagine how to use this data to simulate the process. I estimate there are far more variables to account for than simply the acoustics.

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