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Measuring 500V DC burst using CRO

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    I have to check whether my circuit producing a burst of 500V in CRO. How can I check whether CRO is capable of handling this high voltage? I have heard about HV probe, how to check the probe that I have is of HV type?
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    If it doesn't look something like this it isn't High Voltage.
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    You should be able to use a 100:1 'scope probe for that. Read through this tutorial and see what you can find online to buy:

    Depends on the voltage. Over 10kV or so, that's true. For 500V, the 100:1 probe can be enough. We use 100:1 probes to monitor our CE Mark test waveforms (Surge to 6kV, Burst to 4kV) routinely. :smile:
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    How accurate do you need this to be? You could build a voltage divider and probably get to about 1%. Due to cost - a simple voltage divider is used for voltage sensing in a lot of power converters in this V range,
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