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What could be the ratings of inductor used?

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    I have a circuit which can produce bursts of 500V. When I did this circuit, The 2.2 mH is burning. I want to know whether do we need to take care the power rating of inductor?
    After the test I tried the experiment without inductor too. I have used 2.2ohm, 1W resistor. That too started to burn. Can any one help to rectify the problem?

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    The burning of L1 may be due to:

    1) Too big conductive losses in the coil.
    2) Too big magnetic ( hysteresis ) losses in the core.

    In case of 2), use another core with an airgap, thereby reducing the magnetic losses.
    Most of the variation of magnetic energy in the core will take place in the airgap.
    Recalculate the core used, the number of windings, etc.

    Something like this:
    ( B65813-+400-A48. Number of windings = 74 @2.2 mH )

    I assume that you could have used something like a toroidal core without an airgap.

    Short circuiting L1 will prevent the circuit to oscillate properly, thus burning R2.
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    Can any one tell the power ratings of the components that can I use in the above circuit? I couldn't rectify the problem that present with the first stage(First MOSFET) of the circuit. The second and third stages (Second and third MOSFETs) are working fine, as I expected. I need to know how can we calculate the current needed from the source.
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    jim hardy

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    Seems to me your trouble is not component ratings , your trouble is V4 not behaving .
    If V4 is a 0 to 5 volt rectangular waveform with 25% duty cycle(high for only 50 usec out of every 200),
    why does it show 5.000 volts instead of 1.25 volts ?
    How then does M20 ever turn off ?
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