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Mechanical Engineers AHOY

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    Mechanical Engineers AHOY!!!

    Im taking mechanical engineering as my undergrad degree course. I will start to do first year this year. Well, i know everything about whats inside the brochure...

    I just need some explanation about what goes on behind the scenes. From what i found out from mechanical engineers who are actually working out there in the big big world, they had to prepare espressos for their bosses before doing what they had intended to do...mechanical engineering.

    My uncle who has a business qualification and is working in an engineering firm does engineering job....

    What actually happens out there???
    Can anyone tell me the nature of the job? (can it be compared with mechatronics?)

    Thanks in advance!
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    Mechanical engineering is a very broad field and as such, the types of jobs are also very broad. I design air conditioning systems for buildings. One of the jobs I applied for was selling machine tools (glad I didn't get that one).
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    Re: Mechanical Engineers AHOY!!!

    It also include Machine design
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