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Mechatronics vs regular mechanical engineering

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    Hey, I'm in second year of engineering, and have to pick my courses for third year.

    I have the option of going into mechatronics or stick to regular mechanical engineering.I don't know what i should do. I heard mechatronics has a lot to do with controls system. I want to invent my own things one day, and I don't know if the mechatronics option will allow me to do that. If i do decide to go into mechatronics, it will say that on my transcript.

    What should i do? Any advice would be helpful

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    If one is ABET accredited and one isn't, I'd go with the ABET. Mechanical is probably much more widely recognized and applicable. I don't think either choice will hurt your ability to invent things in the future.

    As usual, it depends :smile:. Good luck.
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    I'd say go mechatronics.

    I graduated with a B.Mech.Eng. and I've been working in flight simulation for 11 years. I sure wish I had more software, electronics and practical control theory in my background.

    Almost anything you work on as a mechanical engineer will have wires connected to it.
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