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Mensa IQ Test

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    Recently I checked my IQ at Mensa iq test and got an IQ score of 128.
    Is there anything special about it?
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    Special about the test or results?

    You measure above average in a test that measures intelligence in a certain way.

    That's a fact. I'm not sure the word "special" (or not) can apply. It just is.
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    Well it is not high enough for Mensa. Still pretty high, probably 96th percentile or so. On a good day you could qualify. They cut off anything under 98 percentile. Top 2 percent.
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    Vanadium 50

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    It's an integral power of 2.
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    In the words of Groucho Marx:
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    Hahaha yes it is.....
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    Special means in the sense that is that score of IQ good or something above average.. that's what I asked :)
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    Powerful quote... Well who is groucho Marx I need to see
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    It depends on what you mean by 'a test' really.
    Some legitimate complaints exist about bias.
    Bias in the sense of that the not very good tests are just measures of a person's conformity with a belief,
    Scientology is a famous case of this kind of outright bias.
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    See also quotes and dialogue from some of his movies, e.g. Duck Soup.

    Aha, here's another one that fits this thread:

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    What does that mean? Does it mean that you are intelligent or unintelligent? If yes or yes/no, then in WHAT WAY?

    Now that you have this measure of your intelligence, what do you understand and know how to do, which if your IQ were 80, you would not? Also, what are you unable to understand and know how to do that you would, if your I Q were 150?
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    It means you are likely to be competent in certain tasks, actually many tasks. Psychology, and studies of human cognition in general, is still in it's Pre-Copernican stage, so it's of limited predictive power. But despite that, you will probably be fine in life.
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    Online IQ tests are not proper IQ tests. Even the Mensa one should have a disclaimer that it should be used as an indicator and that it is not a true measurement of IQ (or at least it used to). Properly administered IQ tests are done in person and whether or not they are an accurate measure of "general intelligence" is a controversial subject.
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    That's a bogus IQ test. I've seen it before on another forum, and people were taking all the wrong answers and still getting a good score.
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    :frown: ..... **feels sad**
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    As an autistic savant I find calling these tests "intelligence quotients" amusing.
    Yes, I score quite high.
    Every other "quality of life" measure scores me quite poorly.
    Anecdote only, real life averages are for a certain social class in a specific environment. Quite accurate when used in context.
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    The whole IQ thing is quite controversial in science. There are a lot of problems already discovered with the idea. Would it not measure something it would have been abolished long ago.
    But apparently a calibrated IQ test is able to measure something. It is just quite hard to nail down that something.
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    Wrichik Basu

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    I have heard a small story regarding the Menesa minds:
    I leave it to the reader to judge the utility of IQ tests.
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    :DD HAhahahaahah..... Really, I laughed hard
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