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Metal tensile strength question

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    I have some 1/4" thick 304 stainless steel formed in a 90 degree "L" shape (2 1/4" up x 2" flat x 2" wide. What force is required to bend pc beyound 90 degree mark (let's say to the 100 degree mark)
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    Analyze the tensile strength or stress of your stainless steel : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultimate_tensile_strength

    Having found this , you now the area of "L" shaped steel. You can obtain shearing force also : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stress_(mechanics)

    Analyze the values for shearing forces and then average them....

    This thread needs to be moved to "Engineering Section."
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    I would estimate the area of material that is bent is approximately 2" x 1/2". I went to the tensile chart but could not figure out what the pc I have in question would require to be bent. Would like the answer to be described as follows: It would take ___ lbs of force to bend the described pc.
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