What is Tensile strength: Definition and 49 Discussions

Ultimate tensile strength (UTS), often shortened to tensile strength (TS), ultimate strength, or



{\displaystyle F_{\text{tu}}}
within equations, is the maximum stress that a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before breaking. In brittle materials the ultimate tensile strength is close to the yield point, whereas in ductile materials the ultimate tensile strength can be higher.
The ultimate tensile strength is usually found by performing a tensile test and recording the engineering stress versus strain. The highest point of the stress–strain curve is the ultimate tensile strength and has units of stress. The equivalent point for the case of compression, instead of tension, is called the compressive strength.
Tensile strengths are rarely used in the design of ductile members, but they are important in brittle members. They are tabulated for common materials such as alloys, composite materials, ceramics, plastics, and wood.

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  1. N

    Engineering Split Tensile Strength Explained: Benefits for Concrete

    I know tensile test consist for direct tension, splitting tension, and flexural tension. Tensile test known as to know how the material behaves under the tension and to know how much of load the material can bear it before fracture. But for the splitting tensile test, i still confused. Why do we...
  2. A

    Acrylic (PMMA) rotating disc tensile strength calculation

    Hey folks, I've been looking around but can't piece this together as there are more than one equation and variable to take into account. My situation - I have a pmma material disc on an axis , the center hole (axis hole) is 20mm wide so a radius of 10mm, while the outer edge is at a radius of...
  3. Anmol Dubey

    Determining the Yield strength and Ultimate tensile strength of HDPE

    Help would very appreciated. Also I am new to this website so if something seems wrong please tell me :)
  4. Sophrosyne

    Medical Tensile strength of cell membranes

    The structure of the cell membrane is depicted as being formed from a bilayer of phospholipids with their hydrophilic portions pointing outwards and their hydrophilic portions facing each other. But as I look at the histology of the epithelial layer of the epidermis or mucous membranes, I am...
  5. E

    Shear and Tensile Strength of Bones

    Hello there, I'm currently studying shear and compression. I am wondering, in my textbook, it says that most bone fractures are not caused by compression but by twisting or bending?? I mean bone's shear modulus is as great as that of a steel's, but its young modulus is far smaller than its...
  6. weezy

    Measuring Tensile Strength in an alternative way

    So I've been looking at a few material tests and they all start with a rectangular sample of the material, loaded into a machine which extends them by increasing load at a constant rate and measures the strain/stress till the point of material fracture. The yield stress is measured in usually...
  7. T

    Tensile Test Results: Adhesion of Tape to Plastic Surface

    Hello, I am currently writing my thesis, where I have to investigate if a surface treatment increases the adhesion (between tape and a plastic surface). For this purpose, I have among other tests, performed a tensile test between the tape and plastic surface. The tensile test can be separated...
  8. chemisthypnos

    Is Boron Carbide the Key to Shattering Bullets in Armor Design?

    Does anyone know how this works? I hypothesize that the reason that the bullet shatters is that boron carbide is much harder than the copper of the bullet. Does anyone think that this may be made into a conventional armor design as some people are saying or is boron carbide too expensive for use...
  9. D

    Tensile Test of Slip Ring - Working out Tensile Strength

    All, Through work, I've recently been tasked with investigating a very old tensile test technique, according to BS HC 403:1977 (now withdrawn). Essentially, you take a ring. Anywhere along it you make a slit all the way through. You then pull that ring in a tensile machine, ensuring that the...
  10. B

    Tensile strength and pull out force of a bolt

    Hi, I'm looking for some help regarding working out the tensile strength of a M8, grade 8.8 bolt and the pull out force. What information do I need to gather regarding the bolt and the material the bolt is engaging in to? Thanks,
  11. C

    Tensile Strength of reduced graphene oxide?

    Does anyone know the tensile strength and other mechanical properties of reduced graphene oxide? I know that it has some similarities to both graphene and graphene oxide, but I can't find any data on its tensile strength.
  12. A

    What composition of steel pipe should I use

    Hello, I work in a apparel manufacturing warehouse and I'm planning to upgrade the Jacket Hanger Racks to a rotatable conveyor. So I want to insert new Steel Pipes for hanging the Jackets which will rotate. So, the length of the pipe is 370 cms / 12' 2", and the weight it will be holding is...
  13. H

    B Black Hole Tensile Strength: What Happens at Planck's Length?

    Forgive the title. Long ago I was told that if two black hole traveling rapidly relative to each other "brushed" past each other they'd pull each other in. I find it odd that a massive object traveling near the speed of light would suddenly stop dead in its track. Instead consider two black...
  14. W

    Steel tables for calculating axle diameter

    I'm in the process of calculating an axle diameter by using the bending moments which are created with the applied force on the end. In order to design my axle to be efficient, I believe I need to use the following equation. Sx = M/Fy Sx being Plastic Modulus Fy being Tensile strength of my...
  15. A

    What is the tensile strength of polyhedrons?

    Hello All, First off great forum; lots of useful info on here. I was wondering if anyone had any experience or could refer me to a text regarding the tensile strength of polyhedrons? I am experimenting using various types for a super strong mechanism to aide manufacturers during metal...
  16. Tris Fray Potter

    Tensile strength of Nickel-iron

    Hi! I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but what the tensile strength of Nickel-iron, or where would I be able to find it?
  17. D

    How to calculate bridge deformation based on "design"?

    Homework Statement I'm not sure if this belongs here, sorry if it does not. I am trying to find the most amount of mass a bridge can hold before deforming/collapsing. I was trying to factor stress/ultimate tensile strength into it in a way. Is there a way I can calculate ultimate tensile...
  18. R

    How to work out the tensile strength in pounds

    Hi to all. I have a raw material certificate of drilling pipe - there is a YS=863 N/mm2. I would like to know what is the maximum weight in pounds this pipe can withstand.
  19. T

    Calculate maximum weight box can hold

    hi, This is probably very simple issue, but i am not an engineer nor have an understanding of basic physic... I need to calculate if the tape used to connect (sealed) to ends of the cardboard box will withstand the weight of the product i put inside it. I have a tape properties (tensile strength...
  20. T

    Tensile Strength & Bending Stress of Metal Sheet

    Dear Friends, Merry Christmas to All. I am pleased to join this forum of Physics Experts. Please advise what is difference between tensile Strength and Bending Stress of Metal Sheets (Generally below 3.00mm and lighter). I very often encounter with cracking of steel sheets while bending in...
  21. A

    Ultimate Tensile strength of ductile materials

    In case of ductile materials we know that there is a substantial difference between the ultimate tensile strength and yield strength. As long as the specimen stress is below the yield strength we need not worry about engineering stress and true stress, as they as essentially same. But when...
  22. S

    Calculating Ultimate Tensile Strength?

    Homework Statement A metal of cross-sectional area 3.22E-4 m2 is being tested in compression. At an engineering strain of 20%, the compression load of the sample is determined to be 25000lb. Calculate the true stress and true strain at that point. Assume sigma=A(epsilon)N where the strain...
  23. S

    Tensile strength of a cord winding

    Homework Statement Hi Can someone please tell me how to set equations for the following problem: A cord of length L is wound on a hollow bobbin (inner radius r and outer radius R). Cord on cord friction (static) coefficient (Ctc) and cord on bobbin (Ctb) friction (static) coefficient...
  24. 1

    Calculating Tensile Strength of Stainless Steel Sample

    Hello, Just want to check that I am calculating something correctly if this is ok; I did a tensile test with some rectangular stainless steel samples and got the resulting max force reached for each sample. if the max force experienced was 410N and the samples CSA is 2mm^2 then the...
  25. AJKing

    Largest mass for Ultimate Tensile Strength

    Vibrations and Waves, A.P. French, questions 3-9 Please /do not/ provide full solutions. Just suggestions. Homework Statement A solid steel ball is hung at the bottom of a steel wire of length 2m and radius 1mm, the ultimate strength of steel is 1.1E9 N/m2. What are the radius and mass of the...
  26. C

    What material has the lowest tensile strength?

    kevlar has the greatest tensile strength(yield strength here) in all materials at 3620 MPa , am i correct? and i want to know which material has the least tensile strength(yield strngth)..
  27. A

    Initial yield stress Vs. tensile strength

    Are those the same? if not, how do I calculate the initial yield stress from the tensile strength? all the materials properties I see on the web only specify tensile strength, and I need the initial yield stress as an input on non-linear FEA analysis. Is it possible to extract the initial yield...
  28. S

    Is permissible stress and tensile strength the same?

    Hi, I am trying to find out if permissible stress and tensile are the same.If not,what is their relation?Thank you.
  29. A

    Youngs modulus vs Ultimate tensile strength

    In case FEA we consider ultimate tensile strength to decide whether component will fail OR pass why ultimate tensile strength is lesser than youngs modulus? Example for copper UTS is 245 MPa n youngs moduls 131000MPa. Why it is like this? Regards, Amlesh
  30. C

    Metal tensile strength question

    I have some 1/4" thick 304 stainless steel formed in a 90 degree "L" shape (2 1/4" up x 2" flat x 2" wide. What force is required to bend pc beyound 90 degree mark (let's say to the 100 degree mark)
  31. R

    Internal thread tensile strength

    calculation of internal thread tensile strength Hi All! I've got a coupling device that has two internal threads of different pitch, length, diameter. The smaller thread takes a lifting bolt, the larger attaches to a piece of machinery. I've been asked to work out the safe working load (SWL)...
  32. M

    How Thick Should Spiderman's Silk Be to Support His Weight?

    Homework Statement In the course of the above research, they discovered that this spider silk has an ultimate strength #or tensile strength of 1850mPa (see 11.4 in University Physics). Tensile stress is a measure of the pressure in an object when it is stretched. Tensile strength is the...
  33. R

    Calculate Cross Section Area of Steel Rod for 3 Tonne Tension

    Homework Statement A medium carbon annealed steel rod has a rectangular cross section and must cope with a tension of 3 tonnes. The thickness of the rod is 15mm. Calculate the size of the cross section. Homework Equations ? The only formula I know with CSA and force is: stress = Force...
  34. E

    Tensile Strength and Tensile Strain

    Are these two things the same? I'm looking at bioabsorbable copolymers with similar properties to the human acetabular labrum, but I can only find tensile strength values for the copolymers and tensile stress at break for the labrum. I've looked at the definitions of each it sounds like the...
  35. P

    Tensile strength of W1 tool steel before hardening

    I would appreciate some help in finding data if any is available, on tensile and/or yield strength of W1 water-hardening tool steel in the annealed condition. All data I have been able to find makes reference to mechanical properties in hardened and drawn condition, because that's what you do...
  36. GRB 080319B

    Clear Box Tape Tensile Strength

    Why does clear tape (used to tape up cardboard boxes) become increasingly harder to tear along the axis that it is stretched? It seems that after a certain amount of deformation, it becomes nearly impossible to tear. This seems to be different then just the restoring force (as opposed to...
  37. A

    Where does the tensile strength locate?

    Hi, i read my online note, it state that yield strength is stress at which noticeable plastic deformation has occurred but why when i see the graph, it doesn't means like what it written. below is the graph make me confusing.
  38. A

    Stress strain and tensile strength diagram

    why does stress decrease after it reaches its maximum tensile strength after its plastic range ?
  39. T

    High tensile strength plastic pipes

    Hey all, I'm trying to make a cylindrical bonded magnet, but I need to compress it in a non magnetizable pipe capable up withstanding up to 10000 psi pressure, 1 cm or less in diameter. PVC only has a tensile rating of 7500 psi so it won't do. i would like to know what plastic(or any non...
  40. C

    Optimizing Silk Strand Diameter for Maximum Tensile Strength

    Is there a way to turn this tensile strength into maximum tension which is in Newtons?
  41. P

    Calculating Ultimate Tensile Strength from Stress-Strain Curve

    Homework Statement What is the ultimate tensile strength if necking begins at a true strain = 0.25 in a material whose stress strain curve obeys the relation: sigma=120000(epsilon)^1/2 psi? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I'm kind of stumped on this. I really...
  42. C

    Measure the tensile strength using Young’s Modulus

    Hi there, I am currently looking to measure the tensile strength using Young’s Modulus for steel and brass. My results I have obtained are comparable with published values of E. My question is regarding the formulae, the one I used was: E = F/x X l/a Where a is the original cross section...
  43. L

    Tensile Strength of 4 square RV Bumper

    Tensile Strength of 4" square RV Bumper I'm building a Class II style hitch for mounting on a 4" square RV Bumper. The RV bumper wall thickness is around .090 thousands. The bumper is welded perpendicular to a couple box frames on 60" centers. I intend to mount the hitch directly to the center...
  44. R

    Stress at half of tensile strength

    Can you guys solve a debate for me?If you have two objects and apply a physical stress to them, let's say in the forum of pressure. First object: Tensile strength 400 lbs. and you apply 200 lbs Second object: Tensile strength 200 lbs and you apply 100 lbs. So each is under 1/2 it's tensile...
  45. K

    What Is Tensile Strength? | A Physics Novice's Questions

    I am a Physics novice. While reading an article on tensile strength in wikipedia, I began to wonder what force is responsible for keeping the atoms or molecules of something like a rope together. I mean what force would tension on the rope would have to overcome in order to break the rope...
  46. M

    Max tensile strength of Unobtanium

    Max tensile strength of "Unobtanium" "Unobtanium", of course, is that ever popular fictional material used in Sci-Fi to do things that today's materials can't. The idea being that although the materials we know of and use today have well established limits, there's no telling what will be...
  47. R

    How Is Transverse Tensile Strength Measured in Micron-Sized Fibers?

    How is tranverse tensile strength defined? How is it measured for thin fibers? Some high strength fibers such as carbon fibers have longitudinal tensile strength of 1,000,000 psi. But these fibers have diameters that measure in the microns. How could a transverse tensile strength be measured in...
  48. BasketDaN

    Material with best tensile strength to weight ratio?

    Could anybody tell me what material will give the best tensile strength to weight ratio? I figure it's between steel cable and the nylon type stuff used in some dog leashes, but I'm not sure which.
  49. B

    Tensile strength question

    Having a bit of a problem with this question, Find the minimum diameter of an alloy cable, tensile strength 75 MPa, needed to support a load of 15 kN. I know the answer is 1.6cm but i need someone to help explain how to get it. Ive got this far... Tensile strength of cable = 75 MPa...