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Method for checking if digital data is transmitted accurately?

  1. Dec 4, 2013 #1
    In this experiment, we recorded a person saying "Aaaaaaa" on the mic as the analog source. And then the analog data was converted into digital data so that the programme in the PC could read it and then the digital data was converted into Analog again to reproduce the recorded voice. I attached the results of the last part of the experiment. I am not sure what method this is because it wasn't me who did this. What I do know is that he had to check whether the digital data was transmitted accurately or not by using the A/D and D/A conversion programme on the PC. Can someone explain to me what excatly does that picture mean? What is being done here?

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    I do not know what any of the writing is but here is what I get from the image: the top image is the input analog signal before it is converted into the digital signal by the A/D converter. The bottom signal is the analog output signal AFTER the signal has been converted by the D/A converter. By initial inspection the waveforms look the same.
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    Yes, the waveforms are the same after adjusting the trigger level (Voltage). The writings are just the settings of the sampling. The sampling frequency is 8kHz. I want to know what does the trigger level have to do with checking the accuracy of the digital transmission?
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    It's possible that RSW1 = 0 means that Reed Solomon error correction code was used and that the decode either detected no error or corrected any error, resulting in a zero value for the remainder of the "code word" divided by the generator polynomial for the RS code being used. Then again, RSW1 in that image could stand for something completely different.
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    What are you talking about? There is no RSW1 in that picture.
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