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Minimization of many-variable function

  1. Oct 14, 2015 #1
    Hi, I'm learning python and I'm just trying to minimize a function of many variables, but I have some problems with my code.

    Code (Python):

    import numpy as np
    import scipy.optimize as op
    from scipy.optimize import minimize

    table1_np = np.genfromtxt('Data/tabla1.txt', usecols=0)
    def function(r0, rs):
          r0, rs = parameters
         return (r0*rs**3/table1_np[I])
    def function2(parameters):
          return sum(table2_np[I] - function[I])
               x0=np.array[0.7, 1.1]
          res=minimize(function2, x0, method = 'nelder-mead', options={'xtol':1e-8, 'disp':True})
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    Perhaps you could tell us more about the function you want to minimize and the steps you need to take to do it.
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    What are the symptoms of those problems?
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    Well I have a table of data (table1_np) and I want to use it to define a function, but the problem is, that I don't know if the definiton is correct, because what I need to do sum the elements of other table whit that function and after that minimize the result.
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    There are some NameErrors in the code as you've likely seen. The tuple 'parameters' I believe you intend to be passed into the first function as it is the second function. Also the index name 'I', 'table2', etc.
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