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Mips swapping without temp variable

  1. Mar 18, 2013 #1
    so i have swap.s
    Code (Text):
        la  $a0,n1
        la  $a1,n2
        jal swap
        li  $v0,1   # print n1 and n2; should be 27 and 14
        lw  $a0,n1
        li  $v0,11
        li  $a0,' '
        li  $v0,1
        lw  $a0,n2
        li  $v0,11
        li  $a0,'\n'
        li  $v0,10  # exit



    n1: .word   14
    n2: .word   27

    my goal is to:
    Modify swap.s to translate the following procedure directly to MIPS
    assembly language. The temp variable, like all local variables in C
    (when not optimized), is stored on the stack. In other words you
    cannot use $t0 to hold temp, though you may need it briefly. Hint: you
    will need to use 6 lw/sw instructions.
    This exercise is slightly contrived, and could be easier if we let you
    optimize and use $t0 to hold the temp variable, part of the point of this
    exercise is to see what kind of difference optimization can make.
    Code (Text):
    void swap (int *px, int *py) {
    int temp;
    temp = *px;
    *px = *py;
    *py = temp;

    i am confused on jal and jr's though...

    for swap could I just do:
    Code (Text):
    xor $a0 $a0 $a1
        xor $a1 $a0 $a1
        xor $a0 $a0 $a1
        jr $ra
    or do i need to save to the stack and such?
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    Hey jiggleswiggly and welcome to the forums.

    That piece of XOR code is actually a real swap that works without needing a temporary variable.

    If you wanted to prove it then use the properties of XOR and note that A XOR A = 0 and 0 XOR B = B for any B and A.
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