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Mobile charging using batteries

  1. Jan 2, 2009 #1
    am going to do my mini project this feb...i have chosen this as my topic..
    if anybody has information about this topic it may be of greater help...you can also give suggestion about some advanced technology in this particular field....
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    Can you explain what you mean??
  4. Jan 9, 2009 #3
    i want something about mobile charging using dc voltage...which must be so that it could be made portable..........
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    Like the widget you plug into the cigarette lighter socket in a car to charge your cell phone?
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    Charging what sort of batteries? Sounds like you are asking about charging batteries form other batteries by the word 'using'.

    Can you spell it out??
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    i have to do it as a circuit...i have got the circuit but have less information about charging..
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    So far, the information you've provided is that this unit is something about it is mobile, there's charging going on, and there's a circuit.

    Get some sticks and string, and hang circuit boards on the strings and sticks to make a mobile. Run a comb through your hair and touch it to the circuit boards to charge them.
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    Time and time again posters are vague and then they wonder why they don't get much of a response.

    By 'mobile' do you mean mobile phone or charging on the move?

    Using what batteries?
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    A battery is a pitcher and a catcher - obviously, he's wondering under what circumstances is it acceptable for a batter to charge the mound.
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