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Modeling a reaction in SuperPro without stoichiometry

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    I'm working on modeling a biological reaction with SuperPro. Right now, all I know about the reaction is the conversion. I don't have data on the stoichiometry, and I don't even think the stoichiometry of the reaction is known. Any idea how I might be able to model this kind of reaction?

    I have some data with michaelis-menten kinetics, which might be useful
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    With the limited info, I think I'd be inclined to write down a few possible balanced equations that are possible with the given information.

    This would yield the stiochiometry of each possibility from which other details could be determined.

    If the outcomes are similar for the different possibilities, it might make sense to proceed. If the outcomes are different, it seems you need to know the stoichiometry to solve the problem.
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