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Modeling a wire's location

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    Something I've been tinkering around with...

    I am interested in taking a wire a a certain length, L. As this wire lays straight, I can display it graphically on a computer that it is laying straight. If at some point, I pull on the center of the wire to make an arc in the wire, I would like the computer's graphical representation to show that same arc.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how this could be achieved? Are there any special sensors out there that the wires should be plugged into? Does a current need to be going through the wire?

    This is just something I've been goofing off with, but curious if anyone has any info they would be willing to share.

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    maybe you can take into account that when you arch the wire, supposing it has current running through it, you are changing the direction of magnetic flux lines being emitted.

    it might be possible to detect when the wire is in a loop, using a compass
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    So far, it sounds like a video camera would be the best position sensor technology for what you are trying to do. Otherwise, if you want to sense how "bent" a thing is, check out bimetalic strips....
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    What about a potentiometer?
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