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Molecular switch and mobius molecules.

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    Not sure if this is the right place for this.The new nanotechology articles are fascinating.
    They said it is like a switch that is able to turn on and off without altering its shape.
    I was also reading that they had solved the puzzles of the mobius strip. are these discoveries related? probably not. it's just that a mobius strip switches (inside,outside) without changing shape also. Thoughts?
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    You need to make the exact citation of whatever it is that you are referring to. If not, all we get is hearsay from you, or not knowing which particular paper you had in mind.

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    ok, it might take me a little bit.Because to be honest herarsay is the most fun for me so Ill go back through my browser history ;)
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    is about the Mobius strip solved

    and this quote

    "An aromatic compound is a nearly planar ring (or ring system) with bonding, yet freely mobile electron pairs from double bonds. These electrons reside in a kind of “electron cloud” with a part above and a part below the plane of the ring. This is the classic Huckel topology. Even rings that are twisted into a figure eight can have this topology. If the ring system is twisted by 180°, the result is a Mobius topology; there is no longer a difference between the upper and lower “electron cloud”. The two clouds merge together to form a single continuous surface. Polish researchers have now synthesised a large molecular ring, which can be classified as an expanded porphyrin analogue, which can switch between the Huckel and Mobius topologies without breaking even a single bond. Which topology the molecule prefers depends on the type of solvent and the temperature."

    so I guess I'm wondering about these things.The switching and the similarities in Mobius topologies.Are they similar in any way?

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    is there a nanotechnology thread on this board???
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