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Homework Help: Moment of Inertia, for Load along Z-Z axis?

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    Assuming that I have a C-Channel

    When the load acts along the X-X axis, we take Iyy for the Bending moment calculations. Similarly, when load acts along the Y-Y axis, we take Ixx. But if i have a load that acts on Z-Z axis, how do I calculate the Moment of Inertia?


    FIRST : Attchmnt : TOP VIEW
    SECOND : Attchmnt : DETAIL A
    THIRD : Attchmnt : ELEVATION

    My specific Doubts:

    1. Do I have to take Izz?
    2. If yes, is Izz=Ixx+Iyy (applying Perpendicular Axes Theorem)

    Can Anyone help me?

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    Loading along the z axis would be axial loading (P/A stresses, not bending stresses) except if the axial loading is eccentrically applied (I am not sure if it is) , then it would create weak axis bending stresses as well.
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    Quote: Similarly, when load acts along the Y-Y axis, we take Ixx end quote

    When load is along y-axis, this member will bend about xx but will also twist about zz because it is not being loaded through its shear centre. That involves Izz as well as Ixx/
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