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Mosfet gate charge with no voltage across D-S

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    Hi , I would like to find out does a mosfet have any gate charge if there is no voltage applied across D-S or no ?
    my intuition tells me that there shouldn't be any gate chrge as there is no voltage on the " second plate" to attract that charge like would be the case in a capacitor, although mosfte being a semiconductor maybe because its current carrying channel is doped with current carriers it responds to gate signal even with no voltage across D-S, ?

    I am asking this because I need to test for a fault in my mosfet driving circuit but I need to know whether it has the same current need driving the mosfets without them being attached to voltage or no?otherwise i couldn;t fully replicate working condition and also determine the fault.
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    You still have a small capacitance, so applying a gate voltage will lead to a gate charge.
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