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A gate or gateway is a point of entry to or from a space enclosed by walls. The word derived from old Norse "gat" meaning road or path; But other terms includ yett and port. The concept originally referred to the gap or hole in the wall or fence, rather than a barrier which closed it. Gates may prevent or control the entry or exit of individuals, or they may be merely decorative. The moving part or parts of a gateway may be considered "doors", as they are fixed at one side whilst opening and closing like one.A gate may have a latch that can be raised and lowered to both open a gate or prevent it from swinging. Locks are also used on gates to increase the security. Larger gates can be used for a whole building, such as a castle or fortified town. Actual doors can also be considered gates when they are used to block entry as prevalent within a gatehouse. Today, many gate doors are opened by an automated gate operator.

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  1. mhr0003

    How to add HZO as an Oxide gate in Silvaco TCAD?

    I am trying to simulate a Gate-All-Around FET in Silvaco TCAD for my thesis but I can't figure out how to add HZO (Hf0.5Zr0.5O2). I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me with the code for HZO or help me in any other way. Thank you.
  2. core7916

    Troubleshooting a Boost Circuit: Voltage Rise & Gate Issues

    Hello. I am creating a boost circuit and there is a lot of problems while testing. Before creating circuit i have simulated circuit in modelsim. Problems. 1. Sudden voltage rise from 40% to 50 % dury cycle. ( i am checking each duty cycle ) 2. When applying a gate voltage to mosfet the the...
  3. K

    Engineering Hydrodynamic force on hinged flap gate

    I have attempted to use the law of conservation of momentum. The Areas are the lengths marked with the red striped line times the length into the paper, and the Forces F1 and F_hydro are the hydrostatic pressure and hydrodynamic forces respectively (acting on the plate) (The x y components is...
  4. jackkk_gatz

    How far will the bottom gate of a reservoir open?

    <Moderator's note: Upload images to PF. Do not use an external image server.> I got an expression for the angle taking that initially the gate is closed, so the gate has h, W and L as their dimensions. So there is a surface integral to find the resultant force applied on the gate, using the...
  5. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci Why can't Perceptron implement XOR gate?

    As you can see this is perceptron training rule. I want to learn how it can't implement xor. After 1 epoch/iteration, I get w1=0, w2=0,b=0. does this keeps on repeating? Anyone can implement this algorithm to code in python? Would be nice to see what happens in long run.
  6. shivajikobardan

    Isn't this table for perceptron of AND gate wrong for B?

    Because we use updated bias and not the original bias? Please clear my confusion
  7. A

    Engineering Voltage gain for amplifier (JFET) in common gate

    First the hybrid model, I assume the capacitor works as a short circuit regarding the altern current: $$A_V=\frac{v_o}{v_i}$$ $$v_i=-v_{GS}$$ $$v_o=-i_LR_L$$ $$i_L=g_mv_{GS}+\frac{v_{DS}}{r_d}$$ Now I use the Kirchhoff's law to get $v_{DS}$. I consider this close loop: $$-v_i-v_{DS}+v_o=0$$...
  8. S

    Force to Close/slam a steel door gate

    How did you find PF?: Google Hi 👋 I have a question 🙋‍♀️ that’s needs help Can I calculate the following ? 1. A person slams a door gate 2. Calculate the force given the height and weight of a person , and the area of the door gate 3. How to calculate the decibel produced by slamming...
  9. D

    Engineering Transistor gate potential

    Hi, not really a homework question just a quick question regarding FET-transistor. If the gate potential is -4V does that mean that in the figure below that uGS is -4V. If not, what does it mean and how do you use it in a bigger circuit problem?
  10. A

    How to create a conical source (mamography) in Vgate

    I am new in Vgate software. I've tried a lot of things, but nothing works. I need to create a conical source that is 4 cm in radius and 16 cm in length. Example in photo attached
  11. A

    How to cut geometries in GATE?

    Hi every one. As you all know, in MCNPX you can define different geometries and cut them with each other and create new irregular geometries. For example, you can cut a sphere with a cylinder and create a semi spherical geometry within the cross section of cylinder. now Here is my question: is...
  12. brotherbobby

    Force of water against a dam gate

    Question : I start by putting the image of the problem from the book. The water surface is given to run along the (top) edge of the bridge. Attempt : The crux of this problem lies in the fact that the pressure of water against the gate will vary along its depth ##h## as ##\rho gh##. This makes...
  13. diyhome

    Design Wooden Gate & Hinges for Durability & Wind Resistance

    I'm in the process of repairing a wooden gate and would like to replace the wooden posts with metal ones, to help avoid the amount of sag over time. Both the gates are 59 wide by 50 height weighing about 25-50 pounds each(I don't have a scale to weigh it) made from pressure treated wood. I want...
  14. ckerr83

    Help solving garden gate statics problem

    I am installing a garden gate at the back of my house. The length (L) of the gate is 1.7m and the mass is 62.6kg, there are 2 hinges positioned 1.3m apart. The gate has an inherent sag, such that, the bottom corner on the unhinged side is 5cm lower than the corner on the hinged side. What...
  15. Goz83

    I Force required to open a swinging gate

    Hi Guys. I hope everyone is well today. A swing gate of 2300mm x 750mm (LxH) with a uniform mass distribution totaling 64kg. Assuming the force is applied 500mm out from the hinge, how do I calculate the force required to open the gate? If needed, the hinges are hook and eyelet type...
  16. C

    Hydrostatic Problem: Hinged water gate at the bottom of a reservoir

    My son and I are having a problem with part c that suggests our answer for part a and b are wrong.. Part a). If we've understood the teaching notes correctly the force on the gate acting through its centroid perpendicular to the gate and is given by F = ρgAd where ρ is the density of water...
  17. Ntip

    Gate driving voltage for GaN MOSFETS

    I am interested in using GaN MOSFETS for my circuit and I'm looking at the EPC2012C. I'll attach the datasheet here. I noticed that it calls for a -4 Vgs. If my driver only goes to 0 V, will this cause a problem? What is the benefit in driving negative if it's not required?
  18. A

    How to implement a Fredkin gate in a classical network?

    Hi, I'm wondering about the Fredkin gate (controlled swap) gate, which is defined by the truth table on p54 here. I'm trying to implement it in a simple feedback network that takes the form of what can be input into this software: integratedinformationtheory.org/calculate. Any pointers would be...
  19. B

    Why does a thyristor keep conducting after removing the gate current?

    i have seen several videos of thyristors but they never really explain the fundamentals they just say that cause there is a current flowing in there it keeps being on but why does a transistor then turn off when you remove gate voltage
  20. J

    Engineering Hydrostatic Pressure Sluice Gate - Civil Engineering

    Please can you help with a question I am struggling with. I have done as much working out as I could until I was completely stumped: Calculate the concrete volume that is required to keep the sluice gate AB closed, assuming that the only resisting force is the friction between the concrete...
  21. Flying_Dutchman

    RS flip flop -- Replacing a NOR gate with an OR gate

    In the RS flip flops using a NOR gate if we replace the NOR by an OR gate all the outputs will be indeterminate. Both outputs Q and Q' will every time yield 1. Can you explain how the inputs 0 and 0 will give 1 1 as output
  22. E

    Controlled-Z gate as a product of exponentials

    I have numerous points of confusion: what does it mean that the matrices are within the exponential? How do I go about doing the matrix multiplication to prove the given form of CZ matches the common form, the 4x4 matrix? Update: using the fact that exp(At)=∑ ((t^n)/n!)*A^n, where A is a...
  23. BabyHueyTAW

    Definition: What is meant by port "CARP" ASIC functionality in a Field Programmable Gate Array?

    Summary: What is meant by port CARP ASIC functionality to a field programmable Gate Array FPGA. And what is Acronym CARP? What is meant by port CARP ASIC functionality to a field programmable Gate Array FPGA. And what is Acronym CARP?
  24. Kaushik

    Problem on the required force to keep the gate of a dam at equilibrium

    ##\int \!dτ = \int \!P.dA.x ## Here, I am taking torque of the part above the axis##(τ_1)## ,which is clockwise, and the torque of the part below the axis ##(τ_2)##, which is anticlockwise, separately. Now, let me consider a thin strip ##dx## at a height ##x## from the axis. ##τ_1 =...
  25. Z

    Switching speed of ICs vs gate length

    Why is it that the smaller the gate length, the higher the max operating frequency becomes? In particular, I think I saw somewhere that a 6 um gate length, seems to limit ICs to 100kHz, where as 1 um is around 1MHz (all rough ball bark numbers, and can be persuaded otherwise). Was wondering if...
  26. James Nilsen-Misra

    Force to propel a sliding gate up a 2,4 degree incline?

    Figure A It slopes up from Left to Right (0.205911m Rise /4,8m run=4.28%)]
  27. P

    I Replace a Toffoli gate with an equivalent circuit

    Hello, I am currently working on this task here. Given is a Toffoli gate. Now it is stated that there is an equivalent quantum circuit. I tried to show the equivalence, for example by looking at case ##|111\rangle##. However, with what I have calculated so far, I do not come to the...
  28. M

    I Flow Dynamics of Sluice Gates & Groynes

    How can someone relate between both the flow under a sluice gate and flow past a groyne at the seaside with the free surface topic?
  29. solarcat

    Find Tension Force for Cord Holding Gate

    I thought that the upward/vertical torque due to the cord might be T*sin 30 deg * sqrt (4^2 + 2^2). Then this would have to equal the weight of the gate times the distance (700 N * 2 m). This gives a tension force of 626 Newtons but it's not the right answer. I don't even know what the lever arm...
  30. J

    MHB Mass of weight to keep gate closed

    Hi All, Cannot seem to figure out the question below. I`ve attached an image of the question. I basically need to find the mass of the weight W. The hinged gate will open when the water height is 12ft. The gate is a 5ft wide L shaped gate, hinged at point A. I`ve gone down the line of CW =...
  31. Bayu

    Simple lever for a 3d printed gate

    Homework Statement Hi I am new here!,i want to thanks for all great information, Today i try to make a lever works with my hot wheels start gate,it should be work like gate,when i push the lever down,the gate will going down but i can't make the gate open at the same time between the first...
  32. R

    Thread for GATE aspirants

    I searched for basic GATE aptitude formula derivations and found many useful explanations in this forum. This thread can be used to share such explanations.
  33. akaliuseheal

    Logic gate question -- Tying both inputs of a gate together

    Hello, I don't know much about logic gates and how they work. I was wondering if this (Image) can work. (Is something like this possible?) The idea is that if we have logic 1, AND gate gives 1 while NOR gives 0. And vice versa.
  34. BillTre

    Gate to Hell found by Archeologists

    This Science mag news article describes how a Roman Gate to Hell worked. Priest and sacrificial animal go in, animal dies priest dosn't. Volcanic CO2 provides explanation.
  35. S

    MHB Modeling the flow from a gate at the bottom of the reservior

    I need to model a system of water flow from a gate whose opening is a function of time the height of the reservoir = H width of the gate = w opening of the gate = f(t) = 0.01t^2 how can i create a differential equation that takes an account of the varying area of the gate?
  36. C

    I How to experimentally measure a quantum gate

    I'm trying to figure out how you would actually measure the result of a quantum gate. For example, suppose I build a Hadamard gate by using a beam splitter. The output of this gate creates either |\psi> = \frac{1}{\sqrt{2}} |0> + \frac{1}{\sqrt{2}} |1> or |\psi> = \frac{1}{\sqrt{2}} |0> -...
  37. G

    Calculating Moment Generated by P on a Gate | Trigonometry Triangle Help

    Could someone please explain to me how the moment generated by P is calculated by PLsin@. I understand the length I just can't figure out how it is Psin@. I believe the moment acts opposite to force F but when I build my triangle for trigonometry I'm getting it wrong?
  38. ISamson

    Admissions Finding GATE Exam Practice/Samples --

    Hello. My Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) exam is upcoming in a few months, and I am having trouble finding practice and samples. I am in Y7 right now, exam is next year and I am trying to enter an advanced school for year 9. I live in Western Australia, but please do not restrict an answer...
  39. DrHix

    How do I construct a controlled Hadamard gate?

    Homework Statement I am supposed to construct a controlled Hadamard gate using only single qubit and CNOT gates. Homework Equations [/B] We know that any arbitrary unitary Operator U can be written as the Martrix product U=AXBXC, where X is the NOT-Matrix and ABC=1 (identity matrix) I've...
  40. Zer0

    Auto-Closing Gate (Relative Acceleration problem homework)

    1. Homework Statement It's an auto closing gate. Two parts of the gate are identical. I had given to find the time taken to close the gate. The distance to close point (P) of the gate from closed event of the gate is given as "a". Sorry for my bad English. What i need to know is how the two...
  41. Tesladude

    MOSFET not working with digital input gate signal, Help please

    Ok, so i have a picaxe microcontroller putting out a pwm signal to the gate of an irlb3034 "logic level" n-channel mosfet. The mosfet is for grounding on and off about 8v of 20 to 40 amps. When i take my circuit and jump 8v directly to the gate of my mosfet everything works perfectly...
  42. B

    Linear Actuator Sizing for Angular Force (BMX starting gate)

    I am sizing a linear actuator to build a BMX gate. Please see the drawing below. I have a metal gate that is 20" tall and 9.5' wide. It will be steel and weigh approximately 150lbs. I am mounting the rear of the linear actuator on a clevis 8" off the ground. The front will be mounted with...
  43. O

    Threshold voltage calculation of a CMOS gate

    Hello all, I want to know a suitable way to calculate VTL and VTH of a gate having the gate schematic and constituent transistors SPICE model (NMOS/PMOS models). Is there an easier than doing hand calculations ?
  44. S

    I Γγ Coincidence and unsuccessful linear gate method results

    I had this setup (see attached photo) for the linear gate method in a γγ coincidence experiment. Using a Na22 source. The pulse from the movable detector enables the gate of the MCB, and any corresponding pulse from the fixed detector that arrives within the gate interval will be considered...
  45. S

    How to Determine Centroid of Gate Hydrostatics

    Homework Statement In this image : http://ezto.mheducation.com/13252703414204806874.tp4?REQUEST=SHOWmedia&media=2.83qs.jpg Why does the weight of the gate have a centroid at 2R/pi away from the force F? Homework Equations The centroid for a half circle in both x and y directions is =...
  46. M

    Hydrostatic forces on a hinged gate

    I'm trying to just find the hydrostatic force on the hinge of the gate in the image attached, and while not labeled, the thickness out of the page is ##w=5##. My thoughts are to set up this integral $$\vec{F}_p = \iint \rho g y \hat{n}\, dA = w \rho g \int_0^8 y \left(...