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Motor used for Electric Wine Opener

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    Hello Friends,

    Excuse me if my question is silly, but I am sure you guys can help me out quick.

    I am thinking to make an equipment like wine opener. For this purpose I need to chose an electric motor. I am not sure what kind of motor I should look for.

    As in the initial phase I can think of a motor running on AC so that I dont have to worry about a transformer. But later I would like to attach a battery as well.

    I am not sure to explain how much torque/power I need but say it should be atleast double the power of a wine opener.

    It should be reversible. I need this to make a kitchen product. so the motor cannot be expensive.

    RPM should be low as around 60rpm but if I can inrease or decrease that will be even better.

    It should be small in order to fit inside a cylinder of dia 30mm and length not more than 70mm.

    The product can be in contact with moisture or even water. This can be taken care by the casing as well.

    Can you suggest which kind of motor will be satisfying aforementioned criterias?
    I tried to search on internet but its too much information for me to comprehend and get a start.

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    Typical kitchen appliances use universal and DC motors. They are inexpensive, easily controlled, bidirectional, and relatively lightweight.

    Based on your speed request, you might want to get a gear motor, or you'll have to make your own gearing system since motors typically run much higher speeds.
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