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Moving object launched by observer into a Wormhole

  1. Feb 7, 2015 #1
    Wormholes usually send things through time and space, right?
    So if an observer threw a baseball through a wormhole, the baseball's position in space-time would change.
    However, can that action affect the observer's location in space and time, or would it create some sort of paradox?
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    You throw a baseball in one direction, it will follow one path through space-time; throw it in another direction and it will follow another path; don't throw it at all and it will follow yet a third path. Drop the ball into a hole in the ground and it will end up in a different place than if you drop it to the ground; drop the ball into a wormhole and it will also end up in a different place than if you drop it to the ground. There's no paradox here and the observer is unaffected by the path the baseball follows after it leaves his hand.
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