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Multi Degree of Freedom system (Structural Dynamics)

  1. May 20, 2012 #1
    I have been reading the theory/math concerning the solution of multi degree of system-free and forced vibration.

    I need to do this for an upcoming project which is to do with some development concerning vibrations and thus thought that I should see again over my Engineering school notes.

    I'm attaching a power point presrntation which is in pdf form (MDOF_basics_2_25.pdf).

    I shall be grateful if someone can help me understand this:

    1) See page 8 and 9

    2) Page 8 shows a 3 storied frame and its equivalent mass-damper-spring model

    3) My question is if some one can help me undestand the free body diagram on page 9 and its corresponding terms, I shall be indebted.

    4)Like what is u,z1,z2 - if someone can help understand the force term and their directions as shown on page 9, I shall be grateful.


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